As Vartaş, we are not only carrying out housing or commercial projects, but also any kind of construction projects both in Turkey and abroad.

Land Reclamation

We recognized the increasing importance of integrated land reclamation solutions and made it a central focus in our business to develop the current state-of-the-art practices that meet today’s requirements and standards. From feasibility study to project completion with over three decades of experience we deliver cost-competitive, ecologically sound solutions for land reclamation and development projects around the world.


Our aim to expand our work in the aviation market makes the aerial transportation more comfortable and convenient for millions of passengers. From the starting and landing runways to airport ramps and taxiways to the hangars and terminals or arrival buildings, we are the right business partner in the field with our experience and credentials.


Perfect engineering helps reducing congestion and improves the journey times on the roads. And we understand both the need and demand for smart solutions that make this happen. With our industrial background and proven technical capacity, we contribute to the success of large-scale road project operations, making road projects simpler and more efficient in cooperation with contractors. We have the expertise and knowledge to deliver projects in any location, using the most cost-effective sourcing solutions.


Having decades of experience and well equipped to handle the complex and hazardous issues inherent in bridge work, our ability to provide a wide range of services from small specialized repairs to full bridge replacements allows us to deliver value to our clients.


We are an experienced commercial construction company with an excellent record of achievement and have executed a wide variety of commercial construction projects involved retail construction and office buildings and many other commercial structures. We have a track record of success in a wide range of projects, an excellent reputation with producing the best possible outcomes. The goal of Vartas is to build and grow the commercial market by providing suitable office, retail and warehouse spaces.


Vartas is one of the leading construction companies in its fields of business specializes in especially residential construction and project development. We analyze the priorities of the real estate market to develop new projects and provide ample investment options that suit the market’s needs. The combination of our internationally recognized experience with our knowledge of residential construction makes us to offer new investment opportunities with the best possible profitability and sustainable returns.

Solar Energy

Vartaş offers quality, well-priced solar products for housing and commercial projects to help provide clean and free power. Our team of experienced solar energy experts and professional customer service staff work towards achieving excellence in the industry. Our state-of-the-art processing and operating systems, professional customer service and technical expertise enable us to offer a quality service in solar energy.


Hydropower can provide important services to electric power systems and is another field that Vartaş provides its quality service. Hydropower plants can often be operated flexibly, and therefore are valuable to electric power systems. Specifically, with its rapid response load-following and balancing capabilities, peaking capacity and power quality attributes, hydropower can play an important role in ensuring a reliable electricity service.

Wind Energy Systems

The third energy solution service of Vartaş is the Wind Energy Systems. Wind turbines play a key role in renewable energy. Moreover, Vartaş is your partner in wind energy. Our experts will accompany you through all parts of your project and we will be always on your side from the planning across the production up to the commissioning and periodic inspections.